28-Day Challenge Ebook - Keto Edition

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28-Day Challenge Ebook - Keto Edition


28-Day Challenge Ebook - Keto Edition


Product details

Lose weight fast with our 28-Day Challenge Keto Weight Loss Guide! 


Main Description: 

If you’re on the Keto diet and need some direction for weight loss or you’d like to try the Keto diet for maximum weight loss, we’ve got the guide for you! Grab this 28-Day Challenge Keto Meal Plan & Weight Loss Guide that has all you need, from delicious keto recipes to healthy living tips, to lose weight fast on the keto diet. See what you’ll get in this guide: 


*What Is The Keto Diet?

The Keto diet focuses on a low-carb, high-fat food plan where carbs will be replaced with an increase of healthy fats rather than protein. This helps the body enter a state of “ketosis” where the body focuses on burning fat and ketones rather than carbs for energy. 


What You Get In Your Keto Meal Plan Guide: 

  • All You Need To Know About Keto Nutrition
      • Our guide details the abundance of foods that you can have on the Keto diet. We make it easy for you to understand how the Keto diet works, so you don’t have to do all the work and figure everything out on your own. 
  • Easy & Effective Health and Fitness Tips
      • From shopping for Keto weight loss foods on a budget to adding more activity to your day, our guide gives you tried-and-true tips to help you establish a healthy lifestyle as well as lose weight quickly and safely. 
  • Weight Loss Aids & Supplements We Recommend
      • In our Keto 28-Day Challenge Guide, we provide various weight loss aids that you can use to accelerate your metabolism for faster and more efficient fat burning and overall weight loss. Read more below for the details!
  • 28 Days Of Delicious & Low-Carb Keto Weight Loss Recipes!
    • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks are covered in our Keto Meal Plan Guide! All the recipes are easy and follow the Keto diet, so you’ll have every part of your weightloss journey ready for you with this guide. 


Sample Keto Weight Loss Recipes Included: 

  • Insalata Caprese 
  • Spicy Chorizo Zucchini Frittata
  • Cheesy Chicken Zucchini Noodles
  • Crab and Avocado Hand Rolls
  • Salmon Stuffed Avocados
  • Curried Egg Salad Cups
  • Veggie Pizza Frittata
  • … & many more healthy, high-protein, and low-carb Keto recipes!


Our Recommended Keto-Friendly Weight Loss Supplements To Rev Up Your Metabolism

Recommended Supplements To Include With Your Paleo Weight Loss Diet: 

Make sure to get your weight loss aids and supplements from Better Weigh before starting your 28-Day Challenge! Here are the recommended supplements you can take while you’re on the Paleo Weight Loss Challenge: 


  • Protein Supplements - We have an exclusive line of protein bars and 100-calorie protein drink mixes that is required in our 28-Day Challenge Diet Plans. For the Keto Meal Plan Guide, you’ll need these supplements as well to keep you full and satisfied in between meals.
  • Lipo Re-Ignite® (Sublingual Spray) - With the help of fat-burning superfoods like African Mango and Green Coffee Bean, our Lipo Re-Ignite® (Sublingual) spray is an easy and quick weight loss aid that you simply spray under your tongue. No need to swallow a pill or worry about caving into your cravings when you have this spray on hand!
  • Lipo Re-Ignite® Supplement - Made with choline and inositol - two nutrients that are necessary for decreasing fat stores - the Lipo Re-Ignite® Supplement gives you the support you need to burn more fat and increase your energy and metabolism. 
  • Lipo-Ignite® Injection - The FDA-approved Better Weigh’s Lipo-Ignite® Injection is a weekly lipotropics injection that can help you lose 2-3 pounds a week! This safe formula is specially designed with nutrients like vitamin B12, inositol, and choline to help increase your metabolism for faster and more effective fat loss. 
  • Full Feel - The Full Feel is a safe and effective appetite suppressant that helps boost your energy and curbs your cravings and hunger pangs. Full Feel is safe to use once before every meal. 
  • Activ Thyroid - The thyroid is a hormone gland that primarily controls your metabolism and energy levels, and our Activ Thyroid supplement is a non-GMO thyroid supplement that helps increase and improve your metabolism with natural ingredients like cayenne pepper and schisandra & ashwagandha powder. 
  • Go Gently - Clear out any built-up waste and water retention in your body with the Go Gently 15-day cleanse! Get rid of that stubborn bloat and water weight with this supplement. 
  • Sweet Dreamz - Sleep deprivation can affect your weight negatively, so we’ve developed Sweet Dreamz, a melatonin supplement to help give you stress-free and relaxing sleep every night.

    Optional all Supplements are Included within this Bundle Supplement. 

    Includes Below Supplement Products if chosen:
    Sweet Dreamz | Full-Feel® | Lipo Re-Ignite® | Go Gently | Activ Thyroid | Ripo Re-Ignite SL Spray
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