Portable Blender For Shakes And Smoothies 16oz Capacity

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Make healthy juices quickly and stay on your weight loss journey with our Portable Juicing Cup! 

Product Description: 

Have healthy juices on hand when you have the Portable Juicing Cup in your bag! This compact juicer features a powerful and speedy blade that blends ingredients into a smooth concoction for you to drink instantly. The built-in filter strains out the juice and leaves the pulp behind for your convenience. Battery-free and eco-friendly, our BPA-free and rechargeable juicing cup makes it easy for you to power it up whenever or wherever you need a quick juice fix most. The cup holds up to 16 ounces (480ml) of liquid and as a simple 2-click button to activate the juicer. 

Make healthy living and sticking to your weight loss goals easier than ever with our Portable Juicing Cup! 

Product Features: 

  • Portable and rechargeable 1-serving pulp-free juicer for on-the-go healthy drinks
  • Provides an all-in-one service for homemade juices - a blender & cup in one!  
  • Powerful high-tech motor that quickly blends ingredients for convenient juicing
  • Built-in filter to leave pulp behind and give you only the delicious and nutrient-rich juice you made 
  • Can hold up to 480ml of liquid (approximately 16 ounces) and compact enough to fit into medium to large bag or purse
  • Simple 2-click button to power up the juicer for instant blending 
  • Comes with a USB charging cable and a USB port at the base of the juicer 
  • Silicone strap for easy carry and better gripping on your container - you don’t have to worry about it slipping from your hand
  • Durable and sleek design for long-lasting use and BPA-free, child-safe construction

Product Specs: 

  • Juicer Capacity: 480ml (~16oz.)
  • Material: Food Grade Polypropylene
  • Motor Speed: 20,000-25,000 RPM
  • Li-Ion Battery Capacity: 2000 MAH*2
  • Rated Power: 100W
  • Rated Voyage: DC 7.4V
  • Working Current: 10-15A